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2.12 – Shadow War Armageddon

May 18th, 2017

Jonny P, Xtreme, and special guest Jason Turner, aka Wienas, from the Underhive Podcast talk all things Shadow War: Armageddon with some old school Necromunda talk thrown in for good measure. Find the answers to hard hitting questions like how well Orks can do in Shadow War, how scenery and other game effects make a big difference, how magnets work, and much more! Why Steve’s Autogun Shop is still a solid place to shop these days.

Big thanks to the Zlurp Nation in the Facebook Group, Zlurpcast Studios, for being our version of the “bababooey” yell guy.

Xtreme says “Dipsy Doozle”.
Put some nuln on that shit.
Mission is to shit on everyone’s cornflakes.

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