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2.13 – Cucumber Sandwich, Death Path, Blood Bowl, Karate Kid

July 1st, 2017

Find out how two lovable lads went from putting teachers in ankle logs and filling diaries with penis drawings to creating the top vegetable-themed phallic card game currently on Kickstarter at this moment, Cucumber Sandwich. Find out how Main Guy drew a dick, got fired, and came back harder than ever. Clearly, JP is a Geek of Beat the Geeks, but what does Tommy Wisseau of The Room fame have to do with any of this?! Oh hai and listen!

The Zlurpcast guys discuss more on their first game produced, Death Path, some Kickstarter ideas and what to expect. So hey yo. Just go Scott Hallapeno your way into listening to this episode right away. Don’t go replantaing any bonzai trees ok? You’re out of your element with that shit. Get yourself honked right the F out of here.

The show closes with actual Blood Bowl talk and Xtreme likes to get fired up. You should too.

00:00:00 Cucumber Sandwich (w/ Sam Edwards and Lewis Gwyther)
00:47:46 Death Path Talk Part 1
00:49:15 Beat the Geeks / The Room Documentary
00:54:37 Death Path Talk Part 2
01:18:31 Karate Kid Stuff (Chozen dipsydoozle + Nacho Supershame bonus)
01:33:10 Blood Bowl Legends Cup

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