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2.14 – Death Path Kickstarter

August 15th, 2017

Everything you wanted to know about Death Path but were afraid to ask!

Joining Jonny P and Xtreme is Scott “Prime” Delsigne, the Lead Artist on Death Path. With special guest appearance by Steve “Kilowoggy” Campbell of Both Down to derail the show in Act III.

Find out such riveting topics such as:

  • What Death Path expansions are planned? Solo play?
  • How many characters are inside the Death Path box?
  • Are there traps in Death Path?
  • How many players can play Death Path?
  • Will Dynamo and/or Rick “Ashley” make it into the game?
  • How much will Death Path cost? How much is shipping?

Find out if Stan Lee is signing autographs or just Stanley. Is Burt Reynolds still cool? What jail scene is Scott talking about?

Tangents really are the show. I hope you can find a nugget or two of Death Path talk in that.

Enjoy a break in the middle talking about Xtreme’s arcade sabotage, Jake Lloyd’s rise and fall, and Fat Albert/Bill Cosby ethical debates. Don’t be like Bad News Brown and double cross your friends. Kick back with an Elephant Ear, your favorite pair of Nutters, and enjoy the show.

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