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2.15 – Death Path & Designing/Publishing a Game

December 15th, 2017

After a short break, Jonny P and Xtreme are back to get you caught on what games and projects they are working on, what
it's like to get older (pissboners?), and what they are wearing. Find out if Main Guy can convince Other Guy to join him
for some Necromunda at Adepticon. Speaking of Adepticon, what about Goosh Con I?! After the bullshit part is over, we
talk post-Kickstarter Death Path. Game Designer vs Game Publisher. Which one is more difficult? What challenges can you
expect from either one? All this and more, brought to you by Chicagoland’s best game store, Grognard Games.

00:00:00 Intro Bullshit
00:11:01 Gaming Updates
00:50:40 Game Designer vs Game Publisher
01:04:28 Death Path / Zlurpcast Studios Updates