Zlurpcast covers Jonny P and Xtreme’s favorite tabletop games, board games, card games, and wargames. Listen at your own risk!

2.22 - Adepticon 2019 Recap

April 1st, 2019

It's been awhile! Here's a quick recap of what the Zlurpcast boys were up to during Adepticon weekend 2019!

2.21 – Monpoc & Friends

November 10th, 2018

Here's another mishmosh episode of garbage. TOPICS: Baking in high altitudes, Fuck You I won't Do What You Tell Me, Gambit Waterboy, He's called Bryan, Botch Please!, Dude greetings, Sedans, Spencer & Bryan and Warmachine Weekend, Monsterpocalypse, Death Path, Necromunda, Kings of War Vanguard, Man-at-Arms could have been cool, Warhammer 40k Speed Freeks & Orks, and some Judgement. Judgement of each other, our friends, and also a game called that. Shave and a haircut indeech.

2.20 – Not Gen Con

August 11th, 2018

Much has gone down in the few months without new Zlurpcast episodes. Main Guy moved further away from Xtreme but state borders cannot challenge his bond with Other Guy. Overall, this is the podcast accoutrement to Xtreme's "Not Gen Con" Blog.

TOPICS INCLUDE: Frankenpenis, Found Footage Festival, Warmachine, The problem with smaller Games Workshop games like Necromunda and Kill Team, A Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures Game, Kings of War, Death Path, getting into and out of games, Transformers card game, getting Marvel'd out of the movies, Gangs of New York: The game, Board Game Geek thoughts, Zlurpcast Studios making miniature games?, Pandemic LARP: AIDS Edition, Nazi board games, and Blitz Bowl - sorta,

2.19 – Judgement by Gunmeister Games

April 18th, 2018

Bigger is better. When we saw the amazing 54mm Judgement models at Adepticon we had to stop over for a demo. Cut to less than a month later and between Xtreme and Jonny P we own two core sets and about 12 models. Creator of Judgement, Andrew Galea, joins this episode to discuss how this game went from initial concept, to the first Kickstarter last year, to the one that is up right now. Back it and join us in the capturing of souls!

2.18 – Warmachine by Privateer Press

April 2nd, 2018

Who knew there was more than one Warmachine game? 

For those that were hoping for an episode dedicated to one of Bryan "Xtreme" Mitchell's favorite games, Warmachine by Privateer Press, you are in luck!  This is it. Grab some popcorn and listen to Jonny P ask questions and Xtreme answer them.

Hear of his journey much like a young Daniel LaRusso, sans shower curtain costume, learn from his personal Mr. Miyagi the winning ways of the competitive Warmachine tournament circuit. 

2.17 – Warmachine

April 1st, 2018

The moment has finally arrived. After years of teasing this topic, Xtreme gets his chance to discuss his favorite game, Warmachine!  

Special bonus on this episode as Jonny P challenges Xtreme to a game of Warmachine live on the show. 

This is one you need to listen to right away. Like the day it came out. It's that good.

2.16 – Necromunda

February 22nd, 2018

This episode discussed the new release of Necromunda. Jonny P and Xtreme discuss what they like and don't like about Necromunda and of course the tangets. Oh yes, the tangents. Here is just a bunch of words that somehow go with this episode. 

too many swears
no facebook phones
panda express
freddie prinze & know what you did & she's all that
mutant league
blitz bowl
dracula's america & black scorpion
Side games are the main games
hanson vs predator

Have a good one. If you are headed to Adepticon and will be in the Chicago area, stop by Grognard Games.

2.15 – Death Path & Designing/Publishing a Game

December 15th, 2017

After a short break, Jonny P and Xtreme are back to get you caught on what games and projects they are working on, what
it's like to get older (pissboners?), and what they are wearing. Find out if Main Guy can convince Other Guy to join him
for some Necromunda at Adepticon. Speaking of Adepticon, what about Goosh Con I?! After the bullshit part is over, we
talk post-Kickstarter Death Path. Game Designer vs Game Publisher. Which one is more difficult? What challenges can you
expect from either one? All this and more, brought to you by Chicagoland’s best game store, Grognard Games.

00:00:00 Intro Bullshit
00:11:01 Gaming Updates
00:50:40 Game Designer vs Game Publisher
01:04:28 Death Path / Zlurpcast Studios Updates

2.14 – Death Path Kickstarter

August 15th, 2017

Everything you wanted to know about Death Path but were afraid to ask!

Joining Jonny P and Xtreme is Scott “Prime” Delsigne, the Lead Artist on Death Path. With special guest appearance by Steve “Kilowoggy” Campbell of Both Down to derail the show in Act III.

Find out such riveting topics such as:

  • What Death Path expansions are planned? Solo play?
  • How many characters are inside the Death Path box?
  • Are there traps in Death Path?
  • How many players can play Death Path?
  • Will Dynamo and/or Rick “Ashley” make it into the game?
  • How much will Death Path cost? How much is shipping?

Find out if Stan Lee is signing autographs or just Stanley. Is Burt Reynolds still cool? What jail scene is Scott talking about?

Tangents really are the show. I hope you can find a nugget or two of Death Path talk in that.

Enjoy a break in the middle talking about Xtreme’s arcade sabotage, Jake Lloyd’s rise and fall, and Fat Albert/Bill Cosby ethical debates. Don’t be like Bad News Brown and double cross your friends. Kick back with an Elephant Ear, your favorite pair of Nutters, and enjoy the show.

Back Death Path on Kickstarter now!  Join the conversation at Zlurpcast Studios Facebook Group

2.13 – Cucumber Sandwich, Death Path, Blood Bowl, Karate Kid

July 1st, 2017

Find out how two lovable lads went from putting teachers in ankle logs and filling diaries with penis drawings to creating the top vegetable-themed phallic card game currently on Kickstarter at this moment, Cucumber Sandwich. Find out how Main Guy drew a dick, got fired, and came back harder than ever. Clearly, JP is a Geek of Beat the Geeks, but what does Tommy Wisseau of The Room fame have to do with any of this?! Oh hai and listen!

The Zlurpcast guys discuss more on their first game produced, Death Path, some Kickstarter ideas and what to expect. So hey yo. Just go Scott Hallapeno your way into listening to this episode right away. Don’t go replantaing any bonzai trees ok? You’re out of your element with that shit. Get yourself honked right the F out of here.

The show closes with actual Blood Bowl talk and Xtreme likes to get fired up. You should too.

00:00:00 Cucumber Sandwich (w/ Sam Edwards and Lewis Gwyther)
00:47:46 Death Path Talk Part 1
00:49:15 Beat the Geeks / The Room Documentary
00:54:37 Death Path Talk Part 2
01:18:31 Karate Kid Stuff (Chozen dipsydoozle + Nacho Supershame bonus)
01:33:10 Blood Bowl Legends Cup

Get your contact info into DeathPath.com stay in the loop at Zlurpcast Studios Facebook Group