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2.15 – Death Path & Designing/Publishing a Game

December 15th, 2017

After a short break, Jonny P and Xtreme are back to get you caught on what games and projects they are working on, what
it's like to get older (pissboners?), and what they are wearing. Find out if Main Guy can convince Other Guy to join him
for some Necromunda at Adepticon. Speaking of Adepticon, what about Goosh Con I?! After the bullshit part is over, we
talk post-Kickstarter Death Path. Game Designer vs Game Publisher. Which one is more difficult? What challenges can you
expect from either one? All this and more, brought to you by Chicagoland’s best game store, Grognard Games.

00:00:00 Intro Bullshit
00:11:01 Gaming Updates
00:50:40 Game Designer vs Game Publisher
01:04:28 Death Path / Zlurpcast Studios Updates

2.14 – Death Path Kickstarter

August 15th, 2017

Everything you wanted to know about Death Path but were afraid to ask!

Joining Jonny P and Xtreme is Scott “Prime” Delsigne, the Lead Artist on Death Path. With special guest appearance by Steve “Kilowoggy” Campbell of Both Down to derail the show in Act III.

Find out such riveting topics such as:

  • What Death Path expansions are planned? Solo play?
  • How many characters are inside the Death Path box?
  • Are there traps in Death Path?
  • How many players can play Death Path?
  • Will Dynamo and/or Rick “Ashley” make it into the game?
  • How much will Death Path cost? How much is shipping?

Find out if Stan Lee is signing autographs or just Stanley. Is Burt Reynolds still cool? What jail scene is Scott talking about?

Tangents really are the show. I hope you can find a nugget or two of Death Path talk in that.

Enjoy a break in the middle talking about Xtreme’s arcade sabotage, Jake Lloyd’s rise and fall, and Fat Albert/Bill Cosby ethical debates. Don’t be like Bad News Brown and double cross your friends. Kick back with an Elephant Ear, your favorite pair of Nutters, and enjoy the show.

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2.13 – Cucumber Sandwich, Death Path, Blood Bowl, Karate Kid

July 1st, 2017

Find out how two lovable lads went from putting teachers in ankle logs and filling diaries with penis drawings to creating the top vegetable-themed phallic card game currently on Kickstarter at this moment, Cucumber Sandwich. Find out how Main Guy drew a dick, got fired, and came back harder than ever. Clearly, JP is a Geek of Beat the Geeks, but what does Tommy Wisseau of The Room fame have to do with any of this?! Oh hai and listen!

The Zlurpcast guys discuss more on their first game produced, Death Path, some Kickstarter ideas and what to expect. So hey yo. Just go Scott Hallapeno your way into listening to this episode right away. Don’t go replantaing any bonzai trees ok? You’re out of your element with that shit. Get yourself honked right the F out of here.

The show closes with actual Blood Bowl talk and Xtreme likes to get fired up. You should too.

00:00:00 Cucumber Sandwich (w/ Sam Edwards and Lewis Gwyther)
00:47:46 Death Path Talk Part 1
00:49:15 Beat the Geeks / The Room Documentary
00:54:37 Death Path Talk Part 2
01:18:31 Karate Kid Stuff (Chozen dipsydoozle + Nacho Supershame bonus)
01:33:10 Blood Bowl Legends Cup

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2.12 – Shadow War Armageddon

May 18th, 2017

Jonny P, Xtreme, and special guest Jason Turner, aka Wienas, from the Underhive Podcast talk all things Shadow War: Armageddon with some old school Necromunda talk thrown in for good measure. Find the answers to hard hitting questions like how well Orks can do in Shadow War, how scenery and other game effects make a big difference, how magnets work, and much more! Why Steve’s Autogun Shop is still a solid place to shop these days.

Big thanks to the Zlurp Nation in the Facebook Group, Zlurpcast Studios, for being our version of the “bababooey” yell guy.

Xtreme says “Dipsy Doozle”.
Put some nuln on that shit.
Mission is to shit on everyone’s cornflakes.

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2.11 – Wild West Exodus & Tombstone

April 23rd, 2017

00:00:00 Zlurpcast Status / Powerman 5000
00:09:31 “Is your fried chicken done yet?”
00:12:02 Death Path Preview
00:19:16 Tombstone by Black Scorpion
00:48:30 Nard Dog Influence at Adepticon
00:55:25 Tales of Lord Biran / Cubs vs Trump vs Dark Council
01:12:35 Wild West Exodus Talk
01:36:45 Closing Bullshit / More on Death Path Kickstarter / Cubs Fan Altercations / Next Month Preview Shadow War Armageddon

Yes, we discuss Wild West Exodus, formerly from Outlaw Miniatures, now from Warcradle. Yes, we discuss the Tombstone Kickstarter from Black Scorpion (not Black Dragon). But there is oh so much more. So much tangent you can taste it. Xtreme hates when people misuse teams, armies, and factions. But are there are some exceptions? Jonny wants to know what’s the deal with Tombstone Pizzas? And what’s the deal with miniature with no arms? Is DiGiorno real? Would Xtreme ever forgive Sammy Sosa? Would Jonny defend Xtreme’s honor in front of a bunch of surly Brewers fans?What’s the proper game hype window to get your models painted? Why is it that all the good game ideas are taken? Like Demon Hunting Wild West? Why is Biran swatting at Soviet dice? Why does Jonny hate Overwatch? Is it Berestein or Berenstain? #MandelaEffect

AND WHO THE FUCK IS BY-RAN?!  Whoever he is, he and YOU need to get your contact info into DeathPath.com stay in the loop on Zlurpcast Studios Kickstarter!

2.10 – Mantic Walking Dead & Grognard Games w/Todd Warren

March 19th, 2017

Todd Warren from Grognard Games kicks off the show telling you why he decided to open a game store and stay tuned all the way to the end to find out if he ever played Splatterhouse. Also Jonny P does an audio unboxing of Mantic Games – The Walking Dead: All Out War and Xtreme asks dumb questions. We discuss Devil’s Run from Word Forge Games which leads into the 2nd half the show discussing our favorite gaming convention, Adepticon. Will this be the episode we discuss Warmachine as well?  Will Xtreme quit Blood Bowl due to all the n00bs? Will Jonny P apologize for causing ALL of the audio problems this episode while blaming it on his cohost and guest. The answer is no to all.

00:00:00 – Todd from Grognard Games Interview
00:44:01 – Jonny P realized the audio is his fault
00:44:59 – Mantic Games Walking Dead All Out War
01:26:41 – Devil’s Run
01:36:50 – Adepticon Talk

2.09 – Dropzone Commander w/Don Roach

February 23rd, 2017

El Roachy himself, Don Roach, from Hawk Wargames, joins the show for Zlurpcast Episode 2.09. He discusses Dropzone Commander as well as Dropfleet Commander. Find out why Jonny P loves this game and how to give the hardsell to Xtreme to get into it. Adepticon plans are also discussed as well as the standard Juggalo talk and conspiracy theories. All this and more, brought to you by Chicagoland’s bestest game store, Grognard Games.

2.08 – Warhammer 40,000

January 5th, 2017

In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only…………deeznuts! Got em! Jonny P and Xtreme discuss getting back into Warhammer 40k after many years off. Find out what the guys think about the quality of Games Workshop models and why it’s important to consider that when looking at the price of games. Did Main Guy actual convince Other Guy to quit a tournament at Adepticon causing complete mayhem for all involved? Or was it the other way around? Also who cares? And lastly, we will ever see Xtreme’s famous Sunz of Malarky on the battlefield again? Get the scoop on Episode 2.08 of the Zlurpcast, Grimdark. All this and more, brought to you by Chicagoland’s best game store, Grognard Games.

2.07 – Blood Bowl

December 15th, 2016

Brought to you by our new sponsor, Grognard Games in Roselle, IL, this is Zlurpcast — and THIS IS BLOOD BOWL!  Ever heard of it?  New game, seems cool, hopefully it’s good. I guess it’s like football and chess and Lord of the Rings or something. Xtreme and Jonny P do a de-boxing of the new version of Blood Bowl from Games Workshop. Find out their thoughts on the models, pitch, cards, and the rules changes. Also, they speculate as to the future of Blood Bowl and what we can expect down the road. Zlurpcast used to be a Blood Bowl podcast, for those two new listeners that didn’t know. This doesn’t mean Main Guy and Other Guy actually know anything about the game, just sayin. Find out what will set off Xtreme’s RageMeter™ this time, and find out why Jonny P stalled for a loss! The song, “Blood Bowl”, was written and performed by Da Gof Rockerz.

2.06 – Age of Sigmar w/Dave Witek

November 12th, 2016

In Zlurpcast Episode 02.06, we welcome the Master of Garages and Hammers, the Champion of Ages and Sigmars.The elves know him as Fi’ang Yalok. The Zlurp Nation knows him as David Witek from Garagehammer! We discuss how Dave got into gaming, podcasting, and his current (and Main Guy’s current) obsession, Warhammer – Age of Sigmar. Remember, GW cares not from where the cash flows. At about 1hr 16min we switch gears and talk about podcasting and how to deal with feedback, especially of the negative variety. Dave shares stories of hatemail, and at around the 2hr mark we find out what really grinds Xtreme’s gears and tips the scales of his RageMeter™ — and it’s not when we run out of time to discuss Warmachine. Get the scoop on where we all stand on the call sheet, G-Dub and the deaf-mute Producer Fucknutz too! Remember, Chicago Cubs win the World Series and all of your anger is negated. +3 to all calm rolls bitch.